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It's been a challenging time for many of us over the past 18-20 months with COVID. It's affected us all in so many ways. Today we focus on Healthcare.


Invest What You Eat

It's always more enjoyable to invest in stocks where you have a vested interest. You follow things closer. Today we talk about investing in what you eat.

Leisure Stocks

Today we talk about how pleasant the summer has been. Plus we talk about Leisure stocks!

Energy Infrastructure/Pipelines

Investment in Energy Infrastructure provides stable dividends for many. We continue the on-going discussion regarding pipelines, storage and oil and gas transportation. Dustin also discusses the situation regarding Enbridge Line 5 in Michigan plus the Pembina purchase of Inter Pipeline in late May.

Battery Metals

Dustin discusses Copper, Nickel, Cobalt, Lithium and Zinc. All interesting areas of discussion for potential investment. Projected to be in deficit/supply shortages over the next decade.

NFT's and Collectables

Today Dustin takes a look at coded collectables, memorabilia, artwork and other valuable goodies. Do you know how much a perfect, mint condition Wayne Gretzky rookie card goes for? There's growing demand for stuff like this now.

All Aboard!!

Today Dustin talks about the Rail Merger between CNR and KSU. He takes a look at the highs and lows of the proposal and what it means for the railway.


If you're looking for a stable, somewhat protected area of investment... then take a good look at Telecom in Canada. Dustin Lamontagne explains further on this episode.

Recovery Plays

On today's podcast Dustin Lamontagne focusses in on some sectors which are slowly bouncing back from a tough 2020 and early 2021. Also there's some areas who have been stable through the pandemic. There is positive news out there!

The Housing Market

On today's podcast Dustin Lamontagne takes a look at the Housing Market in Canada. Certainly pushing things along is the interest rate at an all time low... but how long can this last?

You're Still Not Using Mom and Dad's Guy Are you?

Dustin Lamontagne talks about the huge advantages of the 'personal touch' when it comes to investing. He also addresses Estate,Tax and Retirement planning plus Capital protection. .

What's up with China?

The Bond Market

Dustin takes a look at the Bond Market in today's episode.

The Drug Industry

Dustin focusses on the Drug/Pharma industry on today's podcast.

Oligopolies? What is that?

Dustin discusses Oligopolies on today's episode. But what is that?

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy... there's lots of upside but there's also some downside too.

The Tech Stock Bubble

COVID-19 has created a monster Tech Stock Bubble... is this good or bad?

A little bit of Coin

Today we chat about the CRYPTOCURRENCY

Why is Infrastructure so important?

Today Dustin talks about the upside of investing in different areas of Infrastructure.

Dr. Copper?

A good indicator of the state of the economy is often magnified by the direction of copper. Dustin explains why.


What are the benefits AND the differences between RSPs and TFSA's?

Uranium / Nuclear Energy

Dustin talks about a change in direction regarding Uranium and Nuclear energy sources. Would mini-reactors be more acceptable than big ones? How about looking at Uranium as an investment?

Carbon Taxes... and the theory behind it

Will Carbon Taxes actually help get the eco-job done. Dustin shares his thoughts on the Pros and cons of it all.

What is ESG Investing?

Today Dustin breaks down what ESG Investments are... plus we look at he pros and the cons of ESG.

The Post Pandemic Recovery... once we get there

2020 has been a difficult year for some sectors. Today we focus on many of the sectors and look ahead to 2021.

The Auto Industry and Electric Cars

100 million cars in the world in today... with a projected 150 million com ing on line by 2040. But what could the auto world look like by then?

Biden and The Markets

WE look at a Joe Biden Administration... and how will it affect the markets. We look at what sectors could out-perform in the year ahead.

Investing in Real Estate

New year... new attitude. Today Dustin discusses Real Estate Investments. We'll briefly breakdown Residential and Commercial properties, plus quickly focus on interest rate, cap rates and return of capital.

Dividend Stocks

What are Dividend Stocks? Today we'll look at various sectors to potentially invest in, plus we will talk about Tax Free Income and explain what a Compound DRI is.